Hello, how are you today? And Other Bullshit Phrases I Have to Say

Working in retail is its own adventure.  And when you work for a very well-known retailer, it’s even more… exciting.  Not always in the good ways, either. 
I started out as just a cashier, the first job where that was my only position, where it was my main position.  I’ve worked retail before and worked on the sales floor because I absolutely abhor standing in place waiting for people to come to me when there’s so much other work to be done elsewhere in the store.  Standing or sitting still has never been my strong suit.  Just ask my mother for the stories of when I was still at home in the womb. 
But I’ve enjoyed it.  It’s been a wonderful break from being a sales floor worker.  It’s a different pace, though sometimes I will still feel this twinge of guilt as I see my co-workers rushing around to finish this task or that.  I don’t envy them, but I don’t feel sorry for them, either.  Maybe that’s just because of the experience I’ve had in retail.  It’s true what they say, retail is hard and unpredictable work.  Anyone who tells you that it’s easy is either a supreme over-achiever or is an absolute imbecile.
Here in this blog, you will get to read about my adventures at my job.  Maybe you can relate, or maybe you will have a different side to it.  Or maybe you will learn things that you never knew before.   I won’t divulge which retailer that I work for, nor will I ever use real names of those that I work with or encounter.  It’s all in the name of privacy and respect.  Even though I will rant 98% of the time in this blog, I love my job.  While I don’t think I get paid enough for it, that’s life, I have to live with it since I’m not quite qualified for the jobs that I’d really like to have.  Aside from novel-writing.
But that’s not the point.
I love my job working at the service desk.  I like sorting all the abandons throughout the store, I like defecting things out, I like keeping things neat and organized (at my job, but I can’t seem to get this to work at home).  Working at the service desk, I’m a bit more important than a cashier, but I’m not so important that I have a ton of responsibility sitting on my shoulders.  It’s quite nice.
So, I hope that you enjoy reading all of my stories.  I hope that this can bring a smile to your faces, and that you can find something within my words that will tie you to another human being with the same complaints as you. I will try to update at least once a week, so feel free to nag me if I’m not updating weekly.
These are my Trials and Tribulations of [being] a Service Desk Jockey.

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