I Turn My Camera On

I think it’s important that one finds the good things about their job, especially if it’s not the job you wanted, but the job that you have.

We all have our complaints about our jobs no matter if you’re the garbage man, or you’re the CEO of some company (though, let’s not count those guys, eh, they’re probably sippin’ spiked lattes in their offices all day firing the little people like us).  So, I would like to take this time to list the things that I like about my job:

  • I get to tell people no on a regular basis.  At the service desk, I have a bit of a say in some things, and I can tell a guest no if I think they’re trying to pull one over on us or if I think they are rude or something.  Maybe that’s just me being power hungry?
  • I get to people watch.  Yeah, yeah, kinda creepy, I know, but I’m a creative soul, watching people is how I really connect with others and myself.  I put what I see in real life into my work.  Not that I’m published or anything, but maybe one day, heh?
  • People come up with some funny excuses as to why they are returning things.  “My daughter is a fatass.” is probably my favorite so far.  Not because she was bold, but because it shows how much people in my generation don’t need to have children.
  • I get to sort things.  I really, really like doing this.  Maybe I’m just a weirdo, but I do like it a lot.  It’s kind of like a methodical therapy for me.  It’s both soothing and keeps the store running.  Okay, so me sorting shit really doesn’t make the store run more smoothly, but it keeps my service desk clean and I can at least attempt to get things back out on the floor as soon as possible.
This is me trying to be positive on the blog before all the negativity starts.  Because, you see, the real reason this beauty exists is so that I can get these all out of my system, and I think other people will actually enjoy reading it.  And so far I seem to be right.  I’ve had a few people laugh at the idea and after I sent them the link.
So, go out there!  Go return some stupid shit to your local retail store.  Come up with some dick reason as to why you are returning it.  And no, wearing it to a wedding and bringing it back the next day isn’t valid.  Get back with me and share your return stories.  Maybe I’ll make a post just about you.

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