This Job Makes Me More Cynical and Cranky

I’venoticed that the more I work in retail (or work in general) the more cranky Iget.  The more pessimistic and the moreuntrusting of people I get.  Especiallywhile at the service desk.  I honestlydon’t like to think of each person as a potential threat to the assets of thestore.  I don’t like to have to open allboxes and check for all parts and check to see if they wore and washed theclothes, etc.  Basically, I don’t like totreat everyone like a criminal, but in a way, I have to.  I still treat them nicely and with respect,but I have a process I must go through anytime they bring anything to return.
I havemore faith in humanity than that.  I liketo think that most people are inherently good. Now, there are some bad seeds out there, but I don’t think they shouldhave any effect on the good ones, but they do, so that’s that.
Especiallysince getting moved to the service desk, I’ve become more untrusting of people.  And I see myself applying it outside ofpeople’s returns.  I see it when I’mshopping in my store, or in other stores. Just the other day, I got upset with my girlfriend’s mother for gettingugly with the cashier at a party supply shop. There were some unclear sale signs and instead of her mother politelytelling her “well, that’s what we saw, so we didn’t know,” she was like “well,then your signs are wrong and you should do something about it.” 
Evenbefore I worked in an area where I heard these complaints 70 times a day, thisirritated me, but now it irritates me more. That cashier may not have been the one who placed the sign there in thefirst place, they just know what they were told about that particular sale andwhat it applies to.  There’s no need toget ugly and mad at the cashier. 
Because,trust me, I hate when sale signs are wrong and it’s on something that I wanted,then it really upsets me, but I don’t take it out on the worker there.  Accidents happen.  It’s happened at stores I’ve worked at.  Sometimes signs are confusing and that’s notthe individual store’s problem (unless that store is separate from it’scorporate owner).  Usually, each store issent the ad signs they are to put up and where they are to be put.  Sometimes, each store varies in product andwhere items are placed, so the signs don’t always make sense.  Now, you would think that the people who putthe signs out would just not put that sign out if it’s confusing, but theydon’t always catch that.  They should,but they don’t always.  Most people whodo ad set in stores are on a time crunch and have to get certain areas done ina certain amount of time as they have a small crew to set the whole store.

Iknow, I know, it sounds like I’m just making excuses.  And maybe I am, but I just want toexplain.  I’ve come to the decision thatmisplaced or wrong store sales signs are just a part of life.  One of those First World Problems of life.  Nothing we can really do about them iscontinue to complain about them and see where it gets us.


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