Grin and Bear It

The foam retracts above the legible symphony.

This, among other things, are odd things I hear every day. At least in the form of excuses people give as to why they are returning items.

Recently we had a local rodeo come to town. Suddenly, people are returning cowboy boots and button down denim shirts. Well, lookin there, ain’t that a bee-utifull smudge of cow pie there on the toe of that boot!

Too bad I can’t let you return these. I know you bought these to wear to the rodeo and now that the rodeo has moved on, you don’t want to keep these clothes. What a cheap-ass.

You know, it’s not that I don’t know that most people don’t keep appropriate rodeo wear around, it’s that would you want to buy a pair of boots someone else stuck their feet into for a two hour show in a hot, humid outdoor arena, the smell of livestock ripe in the air?  No, you wouldn’t. So why are you bringing yours back to make someone else suffer?

Some of the same guests that complain that items they bought were clearly returned before they bought them are the same people who bring back used clothing.   I’ve had to refuse clothing returns before because of the outrageous rank scent coming off of the clothes they are returning. I had a woman try to return a pair of work out pants that she had clearly just worn as the waist band was still wet with sweat as was she.

It’s disgusting what people will do.

And this is why I always wash the clothes I buy before I wear them. Because its no longer certain if your brand new sweater is in fact brand new.


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