Well, Ain’t That Somethin’!

So, maybe this has less to do with complaining about my job and more to do with celebrating a part of my job.

Currently, I am having training hours worked into my shifts at work for a higher position.  It’s kind of supervisory.  Higher pay, more hours.  And it’s at about the same level of what I’m doing now.

You see, I tried to put in a two week’s notice.  A hotel that is quite literally a two-minute drive from my house called me and hired me.  It would have been 40+ hours a week.  And I could work a semi-set schedule.  The only downside was that it wouldn’t have any benefits and it was almost a dollar pay cut.  It was totally enticing.  I mean, I could walk to work if I wanted to.

Part of me was enticed by the guaranteed hours (and let me tell you, some of the other girls there were scheduled for 45 hours a week), but the rest of me was wigged on the pay cut part.  I went ahead and wrote a two week’s notice.  I turned it in at my current job and waited to see what would happen.

I decided to attend my first day of training (non-paid, by the way) at this hotel.  It was easy.  Too easy.  And hearing the other people complain totally put me off.  So, my entire monetary future was riding on the hope that my bosses at my current job would beg me to stay.

Thankfully it did.  They begged me to stay and immediately offered me what I’d been waiting for for a while. What they had spoken with me about.

Maybe it was a little sneaky on my end, but I was really desperate for something that would help me pay the bills better.

So, now, I’m slowly being dipped into the waters.  They don’t want to do a lot of in depth training until after the dreaded Black Friday (which, really, should just be called Black Thursday from now on….) so that I don’t feel too overwhelmed.  Especially since they have me opening the Service Desk.  I’m to be selling TVs.  Woo hoo!

Only after the big rush of that will I get more of my training.  I’m very excited and very happy.  Sometimes patience  really pays off.  Actually, most of the time it pays off.

Now, check back over the next ffew weeks for a special on Black Friday! I can’t wait for the stories that come from it. More than likely, I’ll break it into two entries as I am technically working a double on Black Friday.  I open the store on Thanksgiving, essentially, and have about thirteen hours to myself in between, then come back to close with my official new title over my name.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of my readers who celebrate it!  I hope you are all merry and free and that you don’t have too much of a familial disaster at your respective dinners!


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