The Confusion of Multiple Trainees

In preparation of the Holidays, we have decided to train several new people at the Service Desk.  Great!  That way we have more people available to help, and more people who, in the future, can fill in if a shift is ever open.

What’s bad is trying to train them all at once before the big day of Black Friday.  Now, I know Black Friday has already come and gone, but the stress of trying to train people once or twice a week during their normal schedule at the service desk is such a wreck.  Especially when it’s busy on the weekends and there’s so much going on that it’s hard to be there for them to answer their questions because we have a line out the door.

When something becomes my routine, it really upsets me when that routine gets screwed up.  Especially when I try my best to reflect my routine on the others I work with.  There are certain processes that I didn’t initially learn in my training, and I try to make sure others know about it, too.  But it just gets too confusing for the trainees when they are being thrust into a high-energy situation like a Saturday at the service desk.

And it’s even harder to keep calm when you come in the Monday morning after all the havoc has been wrecked.  It’s hard to just breathe and tell yourself that they are just learning and it’s not their fault at all that things are a total mess.

Then, thinking about that, it starts to make me mad that instead of trying to get people trained a month before the most stressful day of retail, they try to do it in the two weeks before.  Cramming all of this information at them at once.  Working the service desk is not hard.   However, there are certain process that we do that if not done right, we could get in a lot of trouble for.  And when we don’t give those people enough time to train and learn the proper processes, then we are putting them at risk for getting in trouble for something that they didn’t know was wrong or improper handling.

And I think that’s just not right or fair to them.

Sadly, though, it’s the way that it works in retail.  Everyone starts to get more and more stressed when Black Friday approaches.  It’s in the air when you’re at work.  People are on edge and you can read it all over the guests’ faces, too.

The stress before the Holidays just makes me angry.  It’s supposed to be a happy time of year that brings people together, but the preparation in retail work beforehand just makes people crankier.  There’s just so much going on at once that it’s hard to keep the actual joy alive.  So, here’s to those still trying to get the ropes at the service desk.  You know who you are.  And you are doing fine.  Just breathe and it will be okay.

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