Why I Hate The Holidays

Okay, so I don’t actually hate the Holidays.  I do really enjoy celebrating Christmas (that’s the one I celebrate. No, I’m not trying to exclude anyone here, so don’t get your panties in a  twist).  It still excites me at 24-years-old, even if I do keep most of that excitement under lock and key.  It does bring a warm feeling to me and it makes me sad that I haven’t been able to celebrate it with my parents even though I haven’t ever really expressed much that I like it.  Nor do we really do anything special.

However, I hate what the Holidays turns most people into.  You can watch the news and see it.  You can go into stores and see it.  People are greedy, stressed, mean, and downright evil sometimes.  Black Friday is the biggest culprit of that.

I know I might press some buttons here, but it does sicken me that some people make big Black Friday preparations.  I know it’s tradition for a lot of Americans (I honestly have no clue what other countries do for the Holidays in the sense of shopping extravaganzas), but I think it’s a disgusting ritual of greed.  And a big huge waste of one’s time and money.  Hell yeah there are some GREAT deals out there.  Come on now, when else can you get a 32” Sony flat screen LSD TV complete with ear-splitting surround sound and lame-o 3D technology for only $149??

And that’s just hoping that the workers at that store didn’t drop the entire pallet of TVs in the backroom and squished them all back together to go out on the sales floor.

Yeah, you just wait and see if that TV actually works when you get it home.  You’d be surprised at how badly store employees handle the merchandise meant for Black Friday Blood Baths.

People push and shove and break out into fights not only on Black Friday but throughout the entire Holiday shopping season.  Oh hell!  You just grabbed the last Legoman Supreme Robototic Dino Deluxe Delight and my kid wanted that worse than yours!  You give that back to me now!

The Holidays aren’t about wanting to make your loved ones happy, it’s about how much you spent on them.  It’s about who you beat up for them.  It’s about want, want, want, want, want.  There’s hardly any real sincerity or love in it any more.  And that’s saddening.   But really, there’s nothing I can do about it.  I’m just one girl and society is going downhill so fast these days that I wouldn’t be surprised if we accidentally nuked ourselves in the next ten years.

Hey, maybe that’s extreme thinking.  Maybe I just don’t have much faith in people, but why don’t you try working in retail for one Holiday season.  Or maybe you should just go to the mall and people watch.  It might really change your way of thinking about what people really think the Holidays mean today.

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