Pet Peeves

I’d like to take a moment to talk about pet peeves.  We all have them.  And they appear everywhere from our home lives, driving, eating out, watching TV, and even work.  Work is probably the worst of all of them.

I have some pet peeves that I can brush under the rug and not give much of a thought.  But there are some things that will stay with me for the rest of my shift and sometimes the rest of the day.

One of those is the people who insist on tearing their receipts off of my printer.

Bitch, keep your paws off my printer!  Can you just wait a moment, please?  I’ll hand you your receipt in good time.  Tearing the receipt off of my printer won’t make anything go any faster for you.  In fact, your insistence on doing that has now made me want to bag your items and count your change that much slower.

Maybe that’s not a very good karmatic thing to say or do, but it makes me mad that people can’t be patient and wait an extra five seconds for me.  You know?  Hold your damn horses, and take a second to just breathe.  I know I’m pretty bad about getting in a hurry myself.  We’re all pretty bad about it if we stop to think about it, but come on now, this is just ridiculous.

Aside from the receipt-snatching guests, there are my pet peeves with my co-workers.  Like, I really don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to wipe off the service desk counter.  I’ve gotten busy before and swamped with defectives and returns and felt like I was drowning up there before, but there is always some section of dead time.  It can be done first thing in the morning or it can be done when we close.  I mean, in the very least you could wipe the sticky marks off the counter if you don’t want to wipe the whole thing.  Takes ten seconds.  We all have to touch that counter.  I have a weak enough immune system, thank you.

Now, I’m not saying I’m the only one who cleans, because I’m not.  There are others who do, too and who actually care as much as I do.  I just wish everyone could do it so it became a habit.  Sometimes I think about making a check list of busy work.  Especially for myself on the days that I end up just standing there doing nothing but counting the pock marks in the ceiling tiles 15 feet above my head.

And along those lines is the fact that we have run out of hand sanitizer at the service desk.  Okay, seriously.  Again, we touch NASTY CRAP all day long.  Work out clothes that someone is trying to return right after wearing them, nasty shoes, and undies, and UGH!  The list goes on!  We NEED that hand sanitizer.  At least for our peace of mind.  I know, I know, it’s said that if you use it too much, it stops working because the germs build up an immunity to it.  But it makes us feel better at least.  Because we don’t have a sink near enough to us for us to quickly wash our hands and get back to work.

Moving along now.  We can go onto the annoyance of having a boss who overrides what you say.  I have noticed that this boss has gotten better at it, but before you couldn’t count on them to back you up.  Even when you were right.  We would avoid calling this person for managerial help because we knew they would more than likely go against us.

It’s not so much that they give the guest what they want, it’s more that they make us look stupid in the process.  We sit there and try to uphold our policies and are set firm on what we tell the guest, and then you come and erase everything we’ve just said and give the guest what they want: the ability to walk all over us.

You know, I really could go on.  The list is endless, and most of it wouldn’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t personally experienced these minor details.  We all have these pet peeves in our personal lives and our jobs.  Kind of like how it’s so irritating that our significant other squeezes the MIDDLE of the toothpaste tube instead of the end.  Not that I’m talking about anyone in particular or anything…

However, I digress, and I will spare you all of it.  Another day, another time.  My pet peeves seem to change day to day with my job as well.  Though, sometimes, it’s better to just keep your mouth zipped, you know?


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