Livin La Vida Retail

Okay, stupidest post title ever, I know, but the song was stuck in my head and I had sat down to write, so that’s what came out.

Sue me.

So, most people will work in retail until they find a Big Girl or Big Boy Job.  That’s cool.  People will work there right out of high school or during college or after college until a career comes around.

But what if someone wanted to make retail their career?

People are given a lot of flack for it, too.  Nevermind that someone could be really happy in retail and be working their way up the ladder.

Yes, I know, a lot of people end up stuck in retail in the same position for years and sometimes decades.  But that’s more than enough time for a change if you really want it.  I think retail is one of those job fields that can successfully, and respectfully go either way.  It can be your stepping stone into a better career field for you, or it could be your foot in the door.

Me personally?  I’m still unsure.  If I can ever get my interview out of the way and get better at a certain aspect of my job, I think I’d like to stick around for a while, and if I still feel pretty content, then I’ll stick around a lot longer.  But some days I wish for something better.  I’d love to write novels and short stories and get paid for it.  Maybe sell a few crafts here and there, which is harder for me to do, but hey, whatever.

I’d like to go back to school one day, but right now, I’m actually pretty happy where I’m at.  I don’t get paid enough, no.  But this is something that I feel like I’m pretty good at and think more experience in it will help me along the way.

So, I’d like to know why so many people harass those who have been working in retail for a year or longer.  Why must you harass someone like that.  Maybe they are stuck.  There could be outside factors that keep them from moving onto something they’d really like to do, so they are there for a longer period of time.  Or, they could actually be happy doing this.

Retail work is hard.  A lot of people think it’s simplistic work.  And it can be.  But it’s hard to try to do your job and take care of a guest and their needs.  It can be hard to keep up with the backlog of work and guests and guest complaints and everything else in between.  Retail work can either show a person great respect and responsibility or it can make a lazy person even lazier.

It’s like a job double standard.  You’re not good enough if you work in retail, but then if you work in the corporate world, you’re just another clone moving along destroying the American way.

You know, why don’t you mind your own business and leave the little guy alone?  Because the people who work in the service industry will forever be the little guy.  They will forever be the ones doing all the hard work and getting paid next to dirt for it.  They are the ones working the hardest to make sure you have free health care, free food stamp programs, free welfare.  They are the ones working hard not only for their own families, but for the rest of the country, too.

So, the next time you want to make fun of the 40-something working as a cashier at a store, why don’t you walk in their shoes, huh?


One thought on “Livin La Vida Retail

  1. Lots of people started out at the bottom of the ladder in retail and now own those big chains stores ie: Walmart. So everytime you see the person stocking shelves or checking you out at the registers, stop and think, this person could own the next big store I want to shop at.

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