The Urge to Punch: Part I

Some days and in some instances, it is hard to not want to punch people in the face. I know that sounds violent, but you work a few months in retail and you tell me that you don’t ever feel the same. And I feel this urge quite often.

However, I exercised some pretty good restraint the other night at work. All I wanted to do was go to work, get my job done, and then go home and go to bed. Obviously that wasn’t in The Plan for me or a few other people that I work with.

The night started out just fine. We didn’t have enough employees as usual, but we were handling it pretty well. I was at my usual post at the service desk, minding my own business, doing my thang. I went to give my supervisor a break and we got busy at the front lanes. When she came back, I decided to hop on a lane to help clear the back up before heading back up to the service desk before the other woman up there had to leave for the night.

I wasn’t meant to go back before she had to leave, though. No, no.

My lane was flowing very well, everything was pretty pleasant. After a quick glance around, I decided to go ahead and flip my light off and finish with the line that I had and then head back on up. I got through all of my guests before I hit the guests who had a basket-load of groceries.

This is where the night got bad.

The woman was very polite, told me first off that she had a bunch of coupons on her phone. I nodded and asked if I could see them first and explained that our store only takes certain mobile coupons, Shopkick and our store mobile coupons.

She pulls out her phone and opens her camera roll on her iPhone. This was the first red flag. No valid coupons are saved as photos on someone’s phone. None. I politely ask her where they were from, and she told me: SnipSnap. Our store does not accept these because it invalidates coupons that were once valid.

Basically, the way SnipSnap works is you can take a photo of a coupon that you want to use. Well, if you pay attention to most coupons, they say that they are no longer valid once copied. And Snip Snap is in fact a copy of these coupons. Therefore, the coupons are invalid, fake, no good, crappy, shitty, take them away from me, I will not take them no matter what names you call me, honey.

I informed her that we do not accept them because they are not valid in our store. She told me they are from our store and I told her that no, they are not. They are not from our store, but a copy of something that used to be a store coupon. Therefore, they are invalid and I will not accept them.

“But I used them last night and they were accepted.”

“I’m sorry, but I will not take them. Whoever took them may not have known that they are an invalid coupon.”

“Why don’t you scan it and see?”

“No, I am not going to scan the coupon. It is invalid. I’m calling my supervisor to verify.”

The phone at my register didn’t work, so I went to the one behind me and started to dial. My supervisor was actually two lanes behind me helping guests check out there. I asked her and she shook her head no and told me that we don’t take them because they are copies of coupons that get passed around within the app.

I explained this to the woman. She started to get ugly with me.

“I want her to come over here and tell me that, not you.”

“Well, I’m one of the other front end supervisors, so what she says is the same thing I say. I cannot and will not accept these.”

At that point she is seething. I can almost see the steam coming out of her ears and melting her whore make up.

She starts to yell at me about how she just won’t take any of her things then. I tell her, okay, that’s your call. Then she says that she’ll just stick it all back into her shopping cart. Oh, no, then she decides she’s going to hand me the knock out punch!

She’s not going to put ANY of it back into her cart!

Whoa-oh now! You’re making me tear up here. How could you be so cruel to me? I can’t take it! Oh, I can’t handle this. Please, oh please, have mercy on me. I will take your fake coupons. Just please, spare me the task of throwing your items off the conveyor belt into the shopping cart you have!

Her boyfriend had still been putting things up on the belt, and she snaps at him. Asking him why he’s still going. After she gets him to stop, she walks off and looks at me and says “Fuck you and Fuck your store.”

Damn, that was the dagger through my heart. I bled to death on the scene.

I had hoped that was the end of it. Hoping that they were just going to storm out of the store. I started to walk away to get my supervisor and as I did one of our AP guys was walking with her. I flagged him down and told him about those people. I left out the nasty thing they said at the end, because I was just more pissed off that they confronted me in such a manner. He told me to hang on to their items just in case he could do a recovery off of it. I did, I went and placed it all back into their cart and fumed a little bit.

Then I saw that they had stopped off at the service desk. Oh, that was it. I knew what they were up to. They were going to complain on me. A few minutes later she came back to get my name. And I gave it to her and even spelled it all out for her. I knew that my managers would know that I was stopping them from using fake coupons and that I wouldn’t suffer any consequences from it.

My supervisor printed out the memo that we do NOT accept that coupon service.

After it was all said and done, I finally went back up to my home base and let the other woman go home. I was still fuming when not too long after, another irate guest headed our way….

Yes, I’m giving you a cliff hanger, deal with it.


2 thoughts on “The Urge to Punch: Part I

    • People are completely ridiculous. It’s easy to tell when someone is a pro at mis-using coupons because they get hateful very quickly. Whereas a person who isn’t sure, or doesn’t know is more polite and willing to accept that the coupon cannot be accepted.

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