The Urge to Punch: Part II

Now, I left off telling you about a woman who was extremely pissed that I wouldn’t take her coupons.  Then I left you hanging desperately by a thread as I began to tell you about the next irate guest who approached me.

The cashier had called just minutes before this man arrived, trying to verify a gift card situation.  In our ad, it stated that if you bought two items listed on the page, you could get a $5 store gift card.  Awesome!  However, the ad stated that you must buy two specific items on the page together to get the $5 gift card.  This particular guest did not see this and got Charmin toilet paper with Viva paper towels.  Which were part of the $5 gift card deal.

However, you had to buy Viva paper towels with Scott toilet paper OR Charmin with Bounty.  You couldn’t mix and match from there, the register wouldn’t recognize it for the $5 deal otherwise.  And in the ad, it was pictured as such.  Viva with Scott, Charmin with Bounty.

Pretty easy to understand, you’d think.  But with the wording of the ad, I suppose I can see how people could get confused about it. Well, this guy wasn’t about to tuck his tail between his legs and get the right matching set or even just go home without his $5 gift card.

He came up to guest service in a blaze of anger.  Almost immediately upon jerking his cart to a stop in front of the register I was standing at, he pulls the package of paper towels out of his cart nearly hitting me in the face with them, all the while screaming and cursing about how he wants his money back since we can’t find a way to get his $5 gift card.

My supervisor was flipping through the ad to read the wording and whatnot and tried to explain to him what the ad meant and that if he just switched one of his items with the proper one, it would work and he would get his gift card. Talk about adding flame to the fire.  The guy got pissed.  He started to yell so loud that guests that were passing by stopped to stare.  He started yelling and waggling his finger at us and then accused her of calling him stupid when all she was trying to do was show him how it was pictured and worded in the ad.

Then he really flipped.  Like, kind of scary flipped.  My heart started pounding and I seriously thought it was going to turn from an angry guest incident to a physical incident. He stomped over toward her, where she was thankfully guarded by a few carts of abandons, and leaned in toward her and started yelling.  He was challenging her to call him stupid to his face and to get rude with him.

At that point I lost it.  I raised my voice and told him he didn’t need to act hostile toward her or me.  He stomped over to me and got this serious look on his face and pointed at me and told me “No!”  Then he stomped back over to her and began screaming again.  At that point I called AP over the walkie.  It was serious.  This dude needed to get his ass out of the store.  He was overreacting and was on the verge of violence.  I cannot and will not stand by and let a guest disrespect one of my co-workers, even if my co-worker had been rude to the guest, I will not let it happen.  Yell at scream at me all you want, but hell no if you’re going to treat someone else like that.  You can promptly take your ass outside and cool down.

I process his return and instead of processing it back to his debit card like I should have, just to make the asshat wait for his money, I gave it to him in cash so he couldn’t accuse me of not giving him his money.

AP never answered, but we found out later it’s because he was on lunch at a restaurant just across the parking lot.  We ended up calling our manager and the man stomped off angrily again.  You could hear him yelling a few hundred feet away.  Guests were still walking by gawking.  Some of them even look genuinely concerned for us.

Finally, he starts to leave.  My heart is still pounding and I’m on the verge of killing someone.  But before he leaves, he accuses me of not giving him his money back.  I explained to him that I gave it to him in cash and I handed it to him and whatever he did with it after I handed it off to him wasn’t my problem. Then the bastard had the nerve to give me a quick apology.  Saying that he was sorry that he was like that to me. No, you were rude.  I’m not going to hold your hand and say “No, it’s okay sweetie.  I’m sorry that we couldn’t give you what you wanted when you were being a TOTAL ASSHOLE!”

I was pulsing with this high energy.  I felt so angry and was ready for the next person to piss me off.  I probably would have lost my job that night had another guest gone off on me like that.

A moment later when I walked over to talk to my supervisor and manager, he says after a while “Did our pharmacy run out of Prozac or something?”

Yeah, or something.  He then told me that he had just barely gotten off the phone with the other guest who I’d pissed off.

Sometimes I just don’t get it.  I don’t get how someone can be so ugly to a simple store employee.  Listen, dude, I’m just doing my job.  Yelling and screaming at me isn’t going to get you anywhere.  I won’t take a coupon that I know is a fraud, and you cannot and will not tell me how to do my job.  Just because a coupon scans doesn’t mean that it is real.  It just means that it’s a really good fake.

Guests who yell and scream at me don’t phase me either.  Sometimes I even think I take that stoniness home with me.  When I go into work, the second a guest starts to get rowdy, I just stone-face it.  I do find it hard some days to not take it personally, but when they start to get really angry, I just don’t care.  You are no longer treating me like a person, therefore, I don’t feel like I need to act like I care.

Man, you know, just writing these two entries has raised my adrenaline.  It’s time to go work it out with some Zumba CORE on the Wii.


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