Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

After extensive research involving shopping at other stores and watching the one I work at, I’ve come to the conclusion that express check out lanes tend to take twice as much time to get through.

Some stores with self-check outs have better wait times, but others… Well…. You know.

I saw a comic online the other day that depicted two lines. One line was labeled “For those who have the time” and the other was labeled “For those who do not have the time.”

In the first line was one person. In the second were probably at least a hundred people. Do you think anyone in the second line would be smart enough to step over to the bare line? A few were shown looking at the other line, but there is no drawn suggestion that anyone was moving over.

Why is this? It’s because our society is in such a hurry these days that we will waste more time trying to save time than actually getting things done.

Express lanes are much the same. When we have ours open, they are the biggest source of our front lane back ups. People will pile into those lanes with their 10 or less items thinking it will be speedier. Little do they know that two people ahead of them has a lot of coupons, is writing a check, is talking on the phone, will not move on once their transaction is complete.

I’ve watched people stand in a long express lane while several other nearby check lanes held only one or two guests. Or sometimes even none.

It’s our job as a cashier to stand at the end of our lanes and seek out guests who are ready to check out. But you know? Sometimes it’s just funny to stare at these people piling into one lane when two other cashiers are standing at the end of their lanes just waiting.

What’s even more laughable is the fact that there are times when another lane is open or another cashier will say they can help the next person and no one moves. It’s like they’re frozen. I’ve called people over to another lane before and only had one person take advantage of my speed. I’m sorry, but if you can’t move over when I call, you don’t really deserve my help.

But you will get it anyway as I sigh heavily and wish I could hit stupid people.


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