Yelling Fixes Everything?

Everyone knows that if you are upset with service you receive or treatment that I had that all you have to do is make some phone calls or personal visits and start yelling. This will certainly pave ways to better service and treatment.

Not only will you look like a Red-Blooded American for standing up for yourself, but you will also make yourself look and sound like a complete asshole.

We have all experienced bad service or treatment when we go shopping or when we are trying to contact customer service for our phone or Internet or what-have-you. It should be accepted as one of those things that happens. Doesn’t make it okay for someone who is servicing you to treat you poorly, but it happens.

I’ve been angry and typed harsh words in emails or raised my voice on the phone. When you expect good service, you feel very shocked when why you get is negative. Then your reaction is negative and then everyone is a big bundle of negativity and hatred.

They say hate is a strong word, but I’ve had guests treat me like I’m the scum of the earth because I didn’t give them what they wanted. They’ve acted as if I’ve murdered their first-born.

It really is hard to control yourself when you get angry. Some people are able to keep their cool, but most will lose it quick.

Just last week I sent an email to Shopkick about my profile not working so I could not access my gift cards. The problem had been going on for over a week, and nothing I tried on my own helped, so I emailed them about my problem. Their answer was that I just try a better wifi connection and then they moved on a ticketed my issue as resolved.

That ticked me off something horrible. The email I wrote back was pretty haughty. I told them how I didn’t appreciate that they marked my issue as resolved without my confirmation that their solution worked or not.

It took her a few days to respond, and she didn’t even apologize to me. She did give me another option that ended up working, so I still need to write up my response to her. What made me mad is the fact that it seemed like I was just shoved along the conveyor belt of emails, not to really be looked into.

Was it really this person’s fault? Maybe? Maybe she just didn’t care. Or maybe that is the response that she was trained to give and it is really the fault of her higher-ups for not teaching better customer service.  Either way, I was upset and I sent an mean email.  Now, I finally received a reply that was satisfactory and fixed my problem.  That was really all that I wanted and I actually felt a little guilty about the e-mail I sent.  I was condescending and rude.  Too many times I hate when my guests treat me that way.

Just the other day I had a woman get upset with me because I couldn’t take her shirt back.  She got angry very quickly and began to yell at me.  Then she said “This isn’t your fault, but…” and then she proceeded to yell at me even more.  Okay, lady, if it’s not my fault then why are you screaming at me and walking off like a five-year-old?

People have it built into them now that if they raise some hell they will get what they want.  And too many times that is the case, therefore, people keep doing it.  Sometimes, when an employee was rude or mean, then you should go talk to the manager, let them know and see what the manager can do to fix it.  Don’t go crying to the manager every time someone doesn’t look you square in the eye, or every time an employee doesn’t bend the rules just for you.  Grow a spine and get over it.  Policies are in place for a reason, and just because you had a bad time doesn’t mean I’m going to change them all around just for you.

All I can think when someone comes to complain is that one person slighted them or told them they misread an ad.  They feel embarrassed or they are just an overly sensitive person who takes personal offense at every little thing.  What makes me mad is when I see my managers offering up big discounts and coupons to a guest without getting the other side of the story first.  Too many times have I watched a guest who treated a team member poorly walk out with a huge discount on their transaction who called a team member names and verbally abused them.

I understand that they want to save face and make them happy so they go away, but at the same time, they are alienating their employees by making the employee look like an ass.  Thanks, bro, I enjoy getting stepped on all the time.  But I guess that’s the hazards of working as an hourly employee, huh?


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