First World Problems

I must say, I haven’t been working on this blog as hard as I should be lately.  I have had a lot going on in life.  Trying to find a better job, trying to get things done around the house, working, being lazy in general.

As a consumer myself, I do hold the stores I shop at to a certain standard, which, of course, leads to double standards within my own work place.  When I shop and am ready to check out or I ask an associate a question, I expect to be paid attention to.  Now, if you are helping someone else, or are in the middle of an arduous task, then I totally understand that you may not be able to help me right away or you may have to share your attention.  That’s fine.

What really ticks me off, though, is when you have your phone out right in front of me and are playing some game, or texting your ‘Boo.’

Yeah, naw, shawty, dat shit don’t fly wid meh.

I don’t care that you have your phone on you, okay.  Because sometimes you have dead time and you can whip it out and play on it or text someone.  Whatever.  The problem isn’t that you have it.  The problem is that you are being rude.  You are essentially telling me and every other customer you interact with that they are not worth your time and your phone is more important.

I carry my phone in my back pocket whenever I work at the service desk, which lately is fewer and further between as I’m being scheduled as a cashier more often.  It stays in my back pocket until my break, or until I don’t have any guests in sight.  Then I scuttle along to the back, check to see if I have any messages or missed calls.  If I have texts, I see if its something I can reply to quickly, and if not, I save it for later.

I don’t check my email.  I don’t check on my games.  I don’t try to make phone calls.  You know why?  One, I don’t want a guest seeing me and telling on me, to be totally honest.  Two, I don’t want that guest getting mad and thinking that I don’t respect their time, which I do, because if I don’t respect their time, that means I might lose my job if they complain or I get enough complaints.  Three, it’s just rude.  I check it because, yes, I do have a stupid technological addiction, but I don’t want to spend so much time on it that I alienate my guests’ time and respect.

You wanna pull it out after I walk away when you have no one else in line?  Sure, do that.

But don’t you dare pull it out of your back pocket the second the finish scanning my two items, laugh about what your friend just said, then reply while I’m still there.  My transaction is STILL going.  Finish your job, THEN have fun.  That’s exactly what happened to me when I went to Home Depot several months ago.  My cashier scanned my two items, pulls out her phone, starts laughing, replies, and is yelling across the check lanes to her buddy about what she just read.  Thanks, bitch.  Glad you respect me and your bosses who, you know, so graciously gave your rude ass a job which you obviously don’t respect or deserve.

There are plenty of other respectful people who can take your job for you.

I know I complain a lot about my guests being rude to me and blah blah, but you know, I don’t do things like this.  I don’t leave my phone out in plain site for everyone to see.  If a guests walks up and I’m having an off-topic conversation with a co-worker, I try to wrap it up or just cut it off to help my guest.  Now, sometimes, if my guest isn’t talkative, and a co-worker is talking to me, I will talk right back to them and carry on a conversation, but not before trying to talk to my guest.  And let’s face it, some people just aren’t talkers.

I go to shop somewhere and I like to be left alone for the most part, but if I need something, I’d like you, the employee, to make yourself available to me, and if you can’t, see if you can find someone who can.  It’s really not that hard to at least try.  Try to make the effort to give me your attention.  If you respect me, I’ll respect you.

Maybe that’s how a lot of the rude people feel about me, too.  I’ll never know, huh?


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