Stolen Gift Cards

Lately at work, I’ve noticed an uprising in empty iTunes gift card backers.  If you’ve ever bought one or seen them at the store, you know that they either come in a seal package or come with the card sort of temporarily glued to a little backer.  A lot of these backers have made their way to the service desk lately with no card attached.  I’ve yet to find any actual gift cards, so my only assumption is that they are being stolen.

My first thought is “why steal a gift card that isn’t activated?  If you don’t put money on it, there’s no money on there to steal.”  However, from my avid Googling skills, I’m starting to realize that these thieves may have some tricks up their sleeves.

Hah, that rhymed.  Look at me go!

Thieves can clone the gift cards with handheld scanners.  Or, it seems the most popular way according to several forum threads I’m reading on the topic, most of them will just write the gift card numbers down alongside the balance inquiry line and keep checking to see when the card is activated.  They will attempt to use the gift card before the real customer who PAID for the card does.

Thus resolves the long-standing question I’ve had as to why a Chick-Fil-A gift card my girlfriend got Christmas 2011 didn’t work.  It seems it might have been possible that someone got the upper hand on us.  Would a Chick-Fil-A accept just gift card numbers instead of a gift card?  I’m not sure, but the theory would make sense.

I have heard before that people can do that with our store gift cards.  They can clone them and load them with false money.  This is the case when a lot of the time when people come in and try to buy two of the $900 iPads at the same time.

Who in the hell carries around a store gift card with two grand on it?  I mean, seriously.  Obviously some shady shit is up.

Okay, so that survey at the bottom of your store reciept is actually legit.  You can actually win that money or that gift card.  Sometimes it just takes a long time.  My store recently updated theirs so there’s actually a bigger chance to win it.  I’m not eligible, unfortunately.  Maybe I should start sending my surveys to my mom to complete for chances to win.  Is that cheating?  I sure hope not.

Look at this dude, who in 2010, was found guilty for his gift card cloning crimes.

Criminals will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Look.  I’m pretty poor myself.  There are some paychecks that I actually laugh at (or cry over…) because they are so small that I’m pretty sure I make pennies per hour instead of dollars.  Don’t get me started (again) on how shitty retail pay is.  But, I would never resolve to steal gift cards and go through some cloning/copying process to steal them.

So, to all you dudes and dudettes out there stealin’ this shit.  You’re stupid.  Is it really worth all this time and effort?  Take your ass down to the temp agency and put in an application.  Hell, why don’t you even try to apply at the store you’re stealing from.  You’d be in with it, then.  You could steal everything first hand.

Oh, and get caught quicker and go to jail quicker.  Most big retailers are big on sending shoplifters of any form to jail.  So, watch what you’re doing.  You may not think so, but the guys behind the scenes are always watching you.


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