Dictator Dan

We all have one or two bosses who are total dickwads, right?  They don’t even have to be male to qualify for that title.  Especially not in my store.

I have one manager that I cannot stand at all.  Every time I see her face, all I want to do is scream because I know that the store will end up being a total disaster.  It never seems to fail that when she’s there, everything falls to shit.

Out of all of the managers, she is the only one I’ve ever closed with who doesn’t help me at all at the service desk when I end up having a lot of things to sort through.  Everyone else will make some attempt, or have people from the sales floor help me when they bring their carts of shit to sort.  This woman takes her “I’m Above You” title too seriously.

She’s head of our AP department, too, which makes it worse.  She doesn’t trust any of us at all.  Not one single bit.  When she’s not the head manager, she sits at the cameras all day long watching the employees to see what they’re doing wrong.  She’s been known to call people who stop to talk to another employee too long over the walkie and ask them why they’re not working.

By the way, her idea of stopping for too long is about 30 seconds.

Even, though, you know, I watched her sit her ass down at the end of a register a few nights ago for about 15 minutes and just chit chat.

I know you’re our manager and shit, but if you want things to get done, maybe you should help your employees.  Not walk around like a Queen Fucking Bee telling us all what we’re doing wrong.  How about you put yourself to work.  You remember what work is, right?  I’ve seen so many other managers actually help because they’d like to leave at a decent time at night.  Folding sweaters, picking things up off the floor, sending help where it is needed.

Not one in the morning.  Two hours after the store is closed.

If shit is that bad, you kind of see it coming long before the store closes and there is ample opportunity to try to correct it.

Not to mention, it’s not my fault that people from the sales floor don’t get their abandons.  All I can do is call over the walkie and tell them they have some.  Don’t give me a dirty look or thread your words to me like it’s my fault.  I’m not their boss, therefore I can’t exactly make them do anything.

She also seems to think that the front end abandons and closing duties don’t matter.  Thanks.  Let’s just let all of this work pile up on us.  You know, it’s not like the cashier always have tons of time to clean up the check lanes and put away junk.  Some days we get lucky and we can pull a cashier to do those things.  I have my own shit to do at the service desk and I don’t have time to go around putting things away.  Especially when I get too far away and guests can’t find me.  Then we’ve got the issue of people getting pissed off because no one is standing at the service desk to help them.  Aren’t we supposed to put guests over our other tasks?

Maybe I’m just mad that two nights in a row I’ve closed with her as my manager and things ended up being really bad.  You know, I’m only one person and I can only do so much.  And when it’s a Monday night and we only have so many people scheduled to work, and most of them are at night, only so much can get done by them, too.

And let’s just go ahead and forget that this is the week leading up to Easter, so of course we need a thicker daytime and nightime staff to get things done.  Of course it will be busy.  And have you not met people?  They’re assholes.  They like to carry things around and then at the last moment decide they don’t want it anymore then place it wherever they feel like.  And they’re also a big fan of just dropping clothes on the floor and walking away.




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