The Wonder-er

Yes, that is intentionally misspelled, so please, leave me be.

Sometimes I wonder if I have repeat guests that I have refused returns to before come back to me.  There are some people that I see that look really familiar, but I can’t tell if I’ve seen them or not.  Some people are really easy to remember because I see them in the store every time I’m there.  I know exactly what they will be doing and the order they will do it in.  I know their attitude and what to do to piss them off or what to do to make them happy.

We have quite a few regulars in our store, and they are typically big spenders, but they are also big returners, too.  They will spend upwards of $600 or more a week at our store, but one woman in particular returns at least $100 of that every week.  I suppose it’s a shopping addiction, which I’m pretty sure I’m developing, by the by.  Why else would you drop so much money at a store every single week and then return a big chunk of it the same week?

With the regulars, it’s easy to remember what I have and haven’t allowed them to do, I see them almost every single shift I work, so why would I not remember it?  However, I know I’ve seen guests come in who look very familiar and seem to be on edge when they come to me.  Either I haven’t let them do something in the past or maybe they’re just an edgey person.  Who knows.

But I wonder… have I gotten a guest that I refused before who got mad about it come back to me and I have allowed them to do something?  I’ve realized that sometimes what I will and won’t allow depends on my mood, too.  Sometimes I’ll let it slide that you probably wore those shoes for a day, and other days I won’t.  I never did tell you about the band-aid shoe story.  I’ll save that one for another day.

I wonder what they think.  Do they think I got in trouble for not letting things slide, or do they think I was just being a bitch that day?  Which, I probably was, so I suppose that doesn’t matter.  For the most part, I try to stay consistent with what I will and won’t allow to pass as a return.  I am steadfast on my electronic returns, because you really never know what someone did to something.  Clothing I’m more lenient on unless it’s very obvious that it’s been washed and returned.  Baby items depends.  People try to return little swings and bouncers after their child is too big for them.  And hey, if they still look brand-spankin’ new, then yeah, I’ll do it.  If they look dirty, then I won’t.  That’s just disgusting.  You could at least clean it off first, you know?

I know, though, that there are times when I am Positive Polly and I just turn a blind eye and I am the sweetest, most charming thing you would ever meet.

Too bad I can’t ask people if I’ve refuse them before or not.  That would make for an interesting conversation starter, eh?


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