The Stare-Down

Sometimes I en up having a stare-down with some of my guests.  Either because they are mad that I cannot or will not help them or because they are so stupid I have to re-evaluate how I will respond to them.

You know these people.  They are friends, family, classmates, random people at the bar.  You want to knock them all out.  I know, I feel your pain, sistah!  However, you can’t hit them.  There’s this thing called the law and you’ll get sent to jail will all these dumb assault charges.  Like, who does that?

Anyway, my most recent starting contest resulted in my loss and the guest being even more of a dick to me.

I’d had a pretty slow day, nothing much happening on my end of the store other than me studying the molecular structure of the desk.  I helped a few people who were doing exchanges.  One couple exchanging a microwave because the one they had nearly exploded on them.  Nice couple, they were gone for quite a while shopping.  No biggie.  Then another couple came in to exchange an online purchase they had made.  The purchased games for the wrong console by mistake.  No problem, I told them to head over to our Electronics department to have the team member over there grab the correct ones for them and then to come back.

Well, in between this time, I got very busy.  It was about my break time, so someone had already come up to help me, but I had about nine guests in line.  As I finish helping one guest, I start to call the next one in line when the game couple steps right on up to me.  Uhm, no.  What are you doing?

I started at them for about two seconds and said “Uhm, okay.  I’m sorry, but normally guests will get back in line.”  The woman looks at me and says “Well, at the other store, they let us do this.”  I shot right back with “That’s definitely not how it works at this store, but okay.  I will go ahead and help you.”

I didn’t care that I was being rude.  I had a very, very long line and a second person had come up to assist me with the line.  The couple coming to exchange the microwave had come back and had gotten at the end of the line at the time.  They weren’t being rude.  They were livid.  I could see it in their eyes.

Normally, when I’m cashiering, if I have a guest who couldn’t complete their transaction because of a card error or they left their wallet in their car, I will suspend their transaction and continue with my line until they return.  Once they return, I will apologize to the next guest in line and finish the transaction with the suspended guest.  That’s not a big deal because it’s something that was still in progress.

When a guest is coming in to exchange something, it is dealt with in two different interactions.  I’m sorry, but that’s how it works.  The Guest Service desk is a First Come First Serve setting.  If you came in to exchange and I take the items you wish to return for others and you walk out to the sales floor, that is one interaction.  Once you come back, you get back in line and wait your turn again.  My line is not the DMV line, you will wait a max of two minutes if I happen to be dealing with a difficult transaction.  Otherwise, it will be shorter.

This couple was rude to me after that.  And maybe it’s because of how I was to them.  Everything was complicated.  They had gotten some special deal online for the games and I was trying to figure out how to apply those discounts to the games on a different console.  And let me tell you, if you don’t own multiple gaming consoles then prices vary from console to console between titles.  A title could be $15 cheaper fromXBox to PS3 or vice versa.  So, when there’s a price difference between consoles, I can’t make it even because the consoles have different set prices for the titles they offer.  The best I could do was add up all the discounts from their original online purchase and use it on this one.

It took me about ten minutes to finish with them because the woman kept asking me “Well, what’s this?” “Well, how will this work?”  And being generally nit-picky.

I was livid by the time I finished with them.  I went on my break and had to calm myself down.  The audacity of some people boggles my mind.  Yes, I had already assisted you and given you further instruction, but obviously, I was helping other guests and you needed to wait your turn again.  If you had expressed that maybe you were on a time crunch beforehand, I would have understood and helped you, but instead, you cut ahead of nine other people without a care in the world and you expected me to think nothing of it.

There’s a big difference between going the extra mile with a guest who shows me respect and having to help a guest who was rude to not only me and my other guests because they might make a big scene.  It’s all about saving face for my job.


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