Moving On

I know I have been very quiet the last few weeks and have not given you any delicious updates about any of my experiences at work.

The last month has been a very difficult one with me.  My girlfriend of two and a half years and I broke up.  We came to the realization that neither of us were ready for the serious path our relationship was taking and that we weren’t communicating any of our issues the proper way and they were popping up again and again as unresolved issues.

While my heart is terribly broken, I realize this is the better option for the both of us.  I still love her and I know she still loves me, however a relationship between the two of us is not meant to be at this point in time.

Now, with all of that said, tears pricking your eyes, I must also state that because of this break up, I am moving, which also means I had to quit my job.  I’m making a very big move and because I’m moving to a much, much smaller town, I could not transfer.

However, I’m not totally bent out of shape about that.  What I am bent out of shape about is the fact that my managers knew about my break up and knew that I might have to make a quick decision and leave and I was marked down as nonrehirable within the company.

If you stay tuned in the next few weeks, I will finally tell you what retailer I worked for.  I’m sure most of you probably have it figured out, I didn’t exactly make it hard to figure out, either.

For now I am working hard on packing all of my things to leave in just a few days.  Packing away the life you made in two and a half years is very hard emotionally and physically.


See you guys on the flipside, eh?