Maybe this should be my comeback.  It’s been a while, maybe too long of a while.

Things in my life changed and I moved away from Texas and from Target and my life there.  Now I’m in Nebraska.  Oh Nebraska… what a cultural difference than being in Texas.  Not only that, but I’ll live in the snow, too, come winter.  That will be different for me.

So, I got away from retail, but I still work with guest service.  Now at a hotel in this small little town.  I haven’t decided on how secretive I will keep this one since the people I work with here are much more laid-back and less probe to sue me for defamation of corporate character.  Hell, short of drinking and being an asshole on the clock, they could care less if I came up here to hang out on my time off with a drink.  Not that I’m going to do that or anything, I have a bit more class than that, but I’m just trying to point out how awesome they are.

Working for a smaller company is usually much better than a big corporation.  Now, I miss it a bit.  Shopping there, and always having one available.  This town is so small that we don’t even have a tiny Wal Mart.  Culturally, I am dying a little on the inside, but I know that I can survive this.  This is the second time I’ve lived in Nebraska, but the last city I lived in was much bigger and had a Wal Mart and a few other chain restaurants that you could find in many other cities.

Anyway, I’ve been working at this hotel for a month and a half now.  I was incredibly lucky and managed to get this job three days after I moved here.  It made for my shortest unemployment period ever.  I was unemployed for six whole days.  Not only was I lucky with that, but I got lucky with my hours.  I work 40 hours a week and it’s wonderful.  I love the people here and I’m apparently pretty good at this job.  At least that’s what they said when everyone thought I was ready to be on my own after the first day.  No, thanks.  Some days I still feel pretty clueless at my job, but it’s a learning experience.

So, I’d mostly abandoned this blog out of sadness, confusion, and fear that maybe this wasn’t the right thing for me, but here I am, sitting at work, on my laptop because it is incredibly dead and I can do things like that here.  Here I sit thinking that I should pull this back up, because boy, I’ve already got some wonderful stories to tell.  About three weeks ago an almost guest called the cops on my manager and me.  That’s a fun story.

Prepare, readers, you’re about to get a whole new kind of Service Desk Jockey: The Hotel Service Desk Jockey.  I’ll give you a week.