Sorry I Was Talking While You Were Interrupting


This happens to me every single day at work.  Without fail.  It only happens with guests I’m talking to on the phone, too.  I don’t know if there’s a delay on their end or not, but it’s really irritating.  They ask me a question and I start to answer, and as I’m answering they ask me the exact same question again.

Uhm, okay.  I’m trying to tell you.

Just now I had someone do that to me.

Guest: I’d like to make a reservation
Me: Alright, will that be for tonight?
Guest: Yes, for tonight.
Me: Okay, let me get this pulled up on the computer.  How many adults will be staying?
Guest: Three.  There will be three adults.
Me: Alright, ma’am, the cost of the room for the night would be $89 plus tax.
Guest: That’s with tax?
Me: No ma’am, that is $89 plus tax which would ma–
Guest: How much is it with tax?
Me: With the ta–
Guest: How much would I be paying?!
Me: *trying to not scream into the phone* After tax it would be $101.46
Guest: *a moment of silence* Okay.  Thank. You. *click*

And that’s what gets me.  I have no problem when people call to ask the rate first.  That’s cool, know what you’re getting into before you have your sights set on making a reservation.  But when you call and say you want to make a reservation right away without knowing ANYTHING about the price then you have the fucking nerve to get mad at ME for it?  No.

No, you can find yourself another over-priced hotel to stay at because I don’t want to deal with your bitchy self.

It’s one thing when you have a bad signal and you call.  That’s another thing.  If you know you’re in a bad area or you have bad reception.  Just wait.  Just wait to call or do it in advance.  If you’re travelling you should automatically know that you will probably experience shitty cell reception 50% of your trip if not more. That’s just how it goes.

But if you’re going to constantly interrupt me when I know that I am actually talking loudly and clearly, then I automatically shut down and don’t want anything to do with you.  It takes all my strength to continue being a sweet and charming girl once you have done that kind of thing to me.

If any of these people saw me in person, then I know they would automatically hate me because I show my irritation very plainly on my face.  I quite frequently air strangle people on the phone or flip them off.  Sometimes it just can’t be contained, my rage.

If people would just chill out for ten seconds on the phone, then they would get a decent answer out of me and then everyone would be happy!  God forbid everyone leave a situation satisfied.  It’s like sex, sometimes you just don’t get what you want.


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