Customer Relations

So, obviously, there is a big difference between working at a large retailer and working at a hotel.  The biggest one being that after I deal with a guest I don’t like at the hotel, I typically have to see them a few more times before my shift is over.  Thankfully I don’t have to see them when they leave, though.  Because quite frankly, some of them I think I would punch in the face if I had to see them at my desk again.

And sometimes that does happen, they will continually call me or come to the desk with a complaint or concern and I just bite my tongue and put on a smile like I always do.

Recently the biggest concern had been the recent flood waters coming toward us here in Western Nebraska from Colorado.  We weren’t anticipating it reaching our hotel, or really on our side of the interstate, but it was still a possibility.  It was the other side of the interstate that was the issue.  We were prepared anyway, but people of course were panicking and scared and in their flurry of panic, it was panicking me a bit.  I hate that.

I worked as a panic bomb diffuser all that night.  Some people didn’t believe me and wanted to have a refund right away,but I wouldn’t give them one and kept reassuring them that we weren’t going to flood, but that if we did everything would be taken care of properly and blah blah.

Thankfully the flood water wasn’t as bad as we were expecting and to my knowledge no businesses, houses, or otherwise were damaged.  We had some overflow into some fields and because of a bad storm we had the night the flood waters came in, some streets still have quite a lot of standing water, but nothing too disruptive, but because of the possible contaminants in the flood water we obviously still don’t want people near that water.

But that’s off topic.

I’ve found that a lot of what I learned and did at the retailer affects how I react to people at the hotel.  I have learned not to show much emotion when someone is upset about something I cannot and will not change.  People constantly argue with me over room rates and why they’re so high.  I’ve learned to just shrug and say “I’m sorry, that’s the way it is, there’s nothing I can do about it.  You do have other options here in town, but we are one of the cheaper options for you.”  Which, probably really isn’t as true as I say, but sometimes that comforts people and most people don’t want to get back in their car and look around.

Many times I’ve found myself showing fake concern when a guest comes to me with a problem.  “Oh no you blew a breaker in your room?  Darn electrical, let me just run upstairs and flip the switch for you.”  And then I’ll run upstairs with a smile on my face and act like it was no big deal that they decided to run their microwave, hairdryer and charge their phone all at the same time.

Which, I suppose in reality shouldn’t flip a breaker, but it happens, so people need to keep that shit in mind when they’re in a building that looks as old as it is.

I don’t bat an eye anymore when people argue with me over petty things.  I just stand there and hear them out whether they are on the phone or face to face with me and then I tell them how it is and stand my ground without getting angry with them.  At least I try.  Sometimes I snap like the time I called a woman a bitch to her face at the store.  She really made me feel threatened and I wasn’t about to back down at that point.

There are times though, that on the phone with potential hotel guests I will pull the phone away from my ear and throttle the phone in hopes it will transfer through the wires and signals and reach them.

It doesn’t work, but I’m sure someone is working on that technology, right?  It would be rather useful to send a digital strangling, right?


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