Summer Is Coming

I can tell that summer is coming by how business has changed in the hotel over the last few weeks.

It has picked up quite a bit and some nights over the last few weeks I haven’t gotten to enjoy the luxuries that I let myself indulge in over the slow winter months.  Like sitting on my ass and watching episodes of old TV shows on Netflix back to back to back.  Or flipping through Facebook for hours on end.

It’s the little things, you know?

I’m glad we’re getting busier because life has gotten a bit dull around the hotel without something to do constantly.  Plus, it keeps the big boss man happier and as a result, the rest of us are happier.

And with the arrival of summer also comes droves of Stupid People.  I mean, they have come in the winter, too, but I know that it will slowly become worse as these people will be sun-drained and have already lost their minds from listening to their children scream in the car for 8+ hours.

The phone will start ringing off the hook and I’ll have multiple people in the lobby at once wanting to check in or check on rates.  It’ll be difficult to do it all by myself, but I will bring my PC laptop so that I can check people in two at a time.  I will be as prepared as I possibly can and I will smile and be nice, even when they’re being a giant asshole to me.

The air conditioners won’t be cold enough, the pool won’t be big enough, and people will decide that my rates are too high and yell at me for being unkind to those on a budget.  I’ll have something snide to say right on the tip of my tongue about how I only make $8 an hour and I’m sure they are on a salaried wage and make more a month than I do in two months, but instead I will say something like “I’m sorry, I don’t set the rates,” and give them a frowny face of lies.

Not that I not sympathize with them, but you know, it’s the game.  It’s the game of traveling in the summer months.  It’s America, welcome to the jungle.

Ah, but for right now, we have slow nights, we have busy nights, it comes in spurts.  I will enjoy the time before the droves of screaming children come.  I will enjoy the time before the cocky teenagers come thinking they can intimidate me into letting them into the pool after I’ve closed it due to stormy weather.  Just because I’m shorter than you doesn’t mean I scare easily.  With shortness comes great courage, you know.  Or something like that.  Maybe it’s great butt cheeks from having to go up and down step ladders all day.

Who really knows.  But Summer is coming.  Are you ready for it?


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