A Little Schooling About Formal Complaints

Let me tell everyone a little something about filing formal complaints about a hotel. If you have issues with the features of your room that are unbearable. Tell the front desk. If you don’t like the “smell” of your room. Tell the front desk. If there is something “missing” from your room. TELL THE FRONT DESK!

Don’t file a formal complaint with our franchise for issues that you NEVER brought forth to the hotel staff upon check in. Did you know that we have to pay a COMPLAINT FINE every time you do that? It’s one thing if the staff was rude to you. But when you fill out your complaint and you can’t even give a negative or positive opinion about the staff? That means your entitled little self never even tried to see if the hotel staff would fix it for you.

No. You just went right to corporate over petty issues so that you could get a free room.

When you’re staying in a hotel, if you have an question, comment, issue, or complaint, let the hotel staff now as soon as you can after your check in so that they may try to fix it for you. Don’t be a prissy little asshole and not even say a word to use so that we can fix it ourselves. Hotels are individually owned. When you take a stab at them like that, you’re taking a stab at a “mom and pop” shop. You’re taking a stab at a locally owned business.