Preparation Lost on Everyone

Yeah, yeah, it’s been ages since I’ve updated ANYTHING.  I’m terrible at this blog thing, I know, I know.

Summer time here at the hotel has been pretty busy.  We’ve been booked solid for almost two months now.  I’m not working nearly as hard as most of my co-workers are, and I feel guilty for that, really, I do, but I don’t know what else to do.  I can be a slow learner or a fast learner on things.  I’m pretty good at what I do at the desk, but when it’s super busy and things need to be done efficiently and correctly, it’s harder for me to get the full hang of it when I’m trying to learn it.


Okay, I just don’t see why that’s hard to understand.  No, there is no special convention going on in town.  No, there is no fair.  No, there is no concert.  It’s summer.  People travel in the summer.  About 70% of the people staying here made reservations, that’s why I don’t have a room for you when you just walk in.  Yes, I’m aware sometimes it’s hard to plan with how far you will go.  But for crying out loud, don’t act like I’ve murdered your entirely family because this whole town is booked up.

It happens.  Hotels tend to be booked up pretty heavily during summer and holidays.  I know that it’s a tough life living outside of Undertherockville, but sometimes you need to do it.  Get some sunshine, it’s good for you.  In moderation, of course.

Now, maybe I was raised differently than most people, but I’ve always been taught that you try to be as prepared as possible when going on trips, especially if you will be away from home for a few days or longer.  

Hotels do not have a rollaway available for every single room.  For some hotels, that would be 200 or more rollaway beds.  Come on now, what is the likelihood that a hotel is going to need to use 200 rollaways, okay?  

When traveling we’ve always either brought an air mattress with us, or extra blankets and pillows in case 1) beds are uncomfortable, 2) we have more people with us than beds in our room, c) it’s just a smart preparation thing to do.

Like, what I don’t get is WHY… WHY, if you’re traveling with an infant or a baby that uses a pack n play… WHY DON’T YOU PACK THE PACK N PLAY YOU HAVE AT HOME?!  IT’S CALLED A PACK N PLAY FOR A REASON.  YOU. CAN. PACK. IT. IN. YOUR. VEHICLE!  

Or, maybe if mommy and daddy didn’t bring a suitcase full of alcohol, they’d have room in their vehicle for their child’s bedding.

I’ve seen that a lot before, too.  People haul in all kinds of things to their rooms.  Most commonly I see parents in their late 20s to late 30s traveling with copious amounts of alcohol.

Excuse me, but… you have children.  You don’t need THAT much alcohol with you, okay?  Yeah, sure, have a drink or two while you settle in, get comfortable, but don’t drink a six pack a piece while you’ve got small children.  It’s a hotel, not a frikken daycare.  

So, really, why don’t people come prepared?  If you know that you sleep cold, bring an extra blanket or two.  If you know you need more head support, bring some extra pillows.  

Why not come prepared?  Hotels are meant to offer you a comfortable place to sleep, maybe some breakfast, and some rest from being on the road.  They are not a chance for you to be waited on hand a foot.  The front desk clerk is not your personal assistant.  

Unless you’re staying at some top of the line, five-star, $200 a night hotel, don’t expect the hotel employees to hold your hair back while you puke, mmkay?

Come prepared.  Know the city you’re stopping in.  Check to see if it’s got a store that might be open.  Check for a Wal Mart, make sure you pack enough diapers.  Just.  TRAVEL SMART!